Unique Spa Marketing Ideas

If you are looking to increase business because it is stagnant and you need some new ways to attract new customers, then it may be time to take your spa marketing to the next level.  You need to go beyond mailers and coupons and use the web to your advantage.  Therefore, you need a website that everyone will talk about and that will bring in new clients like never before.


First and foremost, you need to hire a company that specializes in spa website design.  They will be able to help you make a website with features that no other company has and will, therefore, make your business truly stand out.


  • Include a video, not just pictures. A video will enable you to show off your beautiful spa while also showing your team in action.  You can spotlight the different areas, employees, and services that you offer.
  • Take appointments and sell gift certificates online. Most people are busy and being able to access services online saves time.  No more picking up the phone after researching online.  Now, they can just input their information and go on with their day looking forward to the day they will enter your spa and be pampered.
  • Highlight your business partners. Whether it is a particular brand of hair care products or a charity that you and your employees volunteer at, allow them an area to shine.  They will return the favor on their site and then you will get more business by having a presence elsewhere on the web.
  • Spotlight your employees. Be sure to ask your spa website design team to create an area on the site where your employees can shine.  Be sure to include short bios as well as what they do best at the spa.
  • Keep them coming back with loyalty programs, referral programs, birthday clubs, newsletters, and blogs. Make sure you have an area of your website that highlights not only the services and packages that you offer, but how your clients can be kept up to date on new offerings and discounts, as well.

Once your website is optimal, be sure to let the world know through social media.  Be sure to post to Facebook and Twitter so that people come looking. You can also include exclusive deals for your followers as well as before and after pictures of current clients.  Tips and tricks for remaining beautiful and how to distress between massage appointments are good, as well.


Another way to get people to your new and improved site is to use spa SEO and make it so that your spa appears high on the list when someone uses a search engine to research spas in your area.  You also need to ensure that your business is on Google maps so that it is easy to find, as well.


Finally, the best way to get and keep customers is through excellent customer service.  Treat your clients well and they will let others know and keep returning to you for more.  After all, no one wants a coupon for bad service.

Why brand development will work for your company

Brand development is an essential part of a solid marketing plan for your company. The benefit that your company receives from good branding is unparalleled in the industry. Many small companies and start ups neglect this part of the business as they feel other aspects are more important at first. While it may put a small strain on your budget, we would argue that it is money well spent. This blog post will talk about how a brand agency can effectively brand your product or company name into something that is widely recognized in the market, boosting your business beyond what you thought possible.

  1. Brand development promotes market recognition of your company or product. People tend to do business with those they are comfortable with. If a good branding campaign makes your brand recognizable and trustworthy to the general consumer, you have already won half the battle. This will help people feel at east when selecting your product or service.
  2. A clearly defined brand motivates and empowers your staff to truly embrace what you are selling. Strategy is everything: if your company or product has a strong sense of branding, it will give your employees a sense of identity. A strong strategy instructs them how to be successful and know where your company is going.
  3. A strong and well designed brand will intimately connect you with your customers on an emotional level. There is no better way to connect with the consumer than by involving them emotionally. Studies have shown that there are human emotions intrinsically tied to purchasing and making other big life decisions, and having a strong brand will engage people at that level and create brand loyalty.
  4. Brand development will set you apart from everyone else. Being seen as distinctly different from the competition has huge advantages in every market. If you want to have a chance at competing in today’s globalized economy, you need a strong brand and a strategy to go with it.
  5. Your brand will set the expectation for your customers. Consumers have a strong desire to know what to expect when they select a product or service. Embedding the knowledge of these expectations into your brand will allow consumers to intuitively know what to expect of you. It also sets performance expectations for your staff and manufacturers.
  6. A popular brand will generate leads from your other customers. At this material day in age, consumers love to talk about the brands and products that they love. Since people generally gravitate towards people with similar interests, this becomes free advertising for you and your product. Give your customers something to brag about to their friends and simply watch new business stroll through the door.
  7. A good brand development strategy will help you and your employees stay focused on the company’s goals and vision for the future. Your mission and vision should be intrinsically tied to your brand – this will allow you to stay on task and not veer from your intended direction.
  8. A strong brand will build value for your business. Branding facilitates the recognition and trust that will build value for generations. While the cost is immediate, the results and benefits from good branding will last for years to come.

Why you should look into SEO for plumbers

Search optimization or SEO is the ability to increase the ranking you have on various search engines.  It is important for all businesses, including plumbers because most people do not go past the first page of results that are given to them by Google, Bing or Yahoo.  In addition, many do not look past the first three sites that are listed.


SEO for plumbers is cheaper than most advertising and direct mail campaigns and usually leads to more clients than traditional marketing does.  That is because even if a homeowner receives information about your company by mail, they will research you on the internet before making an appointment.

There are a number of steps that you must take in order to get the full benefit of SEO for plumbers.  First and foremost, you should have a website that is up to date, easy to navigate and interesting.  It should include your business’s name, address and telephone number.  It should also include pictures and videos of you and your employees on the job.  It should have a place for customer feedback as well as a place for potential clients to make appointments.


Another feature your website should have in order to improve the performance of your SEO for plumbers is a blog.  This blog should include pertinent, interesting and up to date information that your customers can use.  It can be anything from why the toilet flush is so loud to how to deal with hard water.  If it is usable, it will be viewed and shared.  Each click and share increase your standings with the various search engines.


To help increase clicks on your site and your blog, be sure to include estimated prices, deals and coupons on your site as well.  In addition, deals and coupons, as well as information on new blog postings, should also be included on your social media pages.  Many people turn to social media to get feedback on companies they are researching to use for services needed, including plumbers.  Therefore, you should post to Facebook and Twitter often and allow your customers to do so, as well.


You can offer special deals to your followers either just for following you or for attracting new followers.  You can also offer quick tips and information that your clients can use or highlight the good work of an employee you want to recognize.  Again, the more clicks you get, the more likely someone will visit your web page and therefore either make an appointment or increase your standings through SEO for plumbers.


Finally, it does not hurt to pay for advertising within the search engines.  There is Google places and maps, as well as Yahoo and Bing local.  All of these enable those searching to find services special to where they are.  They will also be able to find your business on a map and come to you if need be.  Being able to find you on a map also shows them how close you are and therefore how quickly you may be able to respond.